Since 2011 the company and product range has grown rapidly and we now carry over 1600 product lines including

Russian Imperial Uniforms, WW1 White Guard uniforms, WW2 German Vizor Сap , WW2 Soviet Red Army uniforms,

WW2 Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) uniforms , Ministry of the Soviet Union Uniforms .

Our online trading company have been developing and manufacturing custom military and historical costumes.

During our work, we have developed and manufactured costumes for film studios, private museums, and special events.

But our main specialization is making molds for private collectors.


All products are manufactured according to the customer’s measurements and with the approval of all details.

Before sending individual products, a photo of his order is sent to the Customer and only then the order is packaged

and sent by the postal service chosen by the customer.

We can always produce the product that you need. Taking into account all wishes and individually according to your sizes.

So, please peruse our website, Im sure you will find something of interest and if you have any questions or queries then

please do not hesitate to contact us e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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