Welcome to the world of custom production of military suits of the Imperial Russian Army and the Soviet Union. As we delve into this topic, we will explore the fascinating history and evolution of these iconic military uniforms. But before we begin, let's define what exactly we mean by "custom production of military suits." This refers to the process of creating and tailoring military uniforms specifically for the soldiers of the Imperial Russian Army and the Soviet Union. These suits were designed to not only provide protection and functionality, but also to represent the strength and power of these empires. During the production process we try to focus on the key aspects of custom military historical clothing, including its design, materials and significance in both the Imperial Russian Army and the Soviet Union.

    Our online trading company have been developing and manufacturing custom military and historical costumes.

In the photo above the actors are wearing RIA officer's uniform (Product code: 1.2.27) and WW1 Imperial Russian Army Soldiers Service Cap M1914 Rep (Product code: 1.1.71)

During our work, we have developed and manufactured costumes for film studios, private museums, and special events.

But our main specialization is making molds for private collectors.

In this photo the main actor is wearing Tunic of the Emperor Nicholas 2, Replica (Product code: 1.2.47)

In this photo Tunic of an officer of the Life Guards of the Moscow Regiment M1908, Russia,Replica (Product code: 1.2.48)

All products are manufactured according to the customer’s measurements and with the approval of all details.

We can always produce the product that you need. Taking into account all wishes and individually according to your sizes.


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